Third Dance Company

If the label 'Black dance' has no clear definition, it has acquired a power as great as its meaning is obscure. Conscious of this controversy, Third Dance would like to propose a thoughtful, thorough and intelligent definition of 'Black dance' through innovative creations. Third Dance first mission is to compile a distinctive repertoire of so-called 'Black dance' creations that enables presenters to offer their audiences something awesome, fresh and breathtaking.

Fusing dance, fashion, music and technology, Third Dance wishes to appeal a broader scope of audience and communicate the beauty of dance. Eugene W.Rhodes III, artistic director and choreographer, steps into 2011 with Blooming , a creation showing the body's unique metaphoric ability to create meaning. Blooming, in its very purity, makes dance the ideal mode of expressing what it fells like to be alive today.

With a balance of artistic virtuosity, expressivity and astonishing beauty, Third Dance and his three dancers open a new chapter in 'Black dance' history. If the words dance, choreography and 'Black dance' belong to a single field, they are not interchangeable.

This is the great wealth of globalization in dance !
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